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Senate Law & Justice Committee

Public Hearing: SHB 1615 – Concerning the sale of cosmetics tested on animals; SHB 1961 – Concerning the authority of the courts to waive auditor’s fees for filing and recording name change orders; HB 1825 – Concerning continuity of judicial operations in single judge courts; E4SHB 1412 – Concerning legal financial obligations; ESHB 1793 – Concerning electric vehicle charging stations in common interest communities.

Executive Session: HB 1105 – Concerning arrest protections for the medical use of cannabis; HB 1719 – Concerning use and acquisition of military equipment by law enforcement agencies; SHB 1725 – Concerning the creation of an endangered missing person advisory designation for missing indigenous persons; SHB 1735 – Modifying the standard for use of force by peace officers.