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Senate Transportation Committee

Public Hearing: SB 5724 – Concerning organ transport vehicles; SB 5616 – Concerning accounts; SB 5308 – Reducing certain transportation electrification fees on hybrid vehicles; SB 5485 – Prohibiting traffic stops for certain traffic violations; SB 5908 – Creating the clean car authority as a new state government agency; SB 5828 – Implementing recommendations of the autonomous vehicle work group.

Executive Session: SSB 5636 – Concerning secure automatic voter registration; SB 5750 – Designating the Washington state leadership board a trustee of the state of Washington; SB 5741 – Creating Patches pal special license plates; SB 5898 – Concerning the use of vehicle-related fees to fulfill certain state general obligation bonds; SB 5687 – Addressing certain traffic safety improvements; SB 5863 – Concerning the removal of vehicles by a regional transit authority when obstructing the operation of high capacity transportation vehicles or jeopardizing public safety; SSB 5332 – Concerning off-road and wheeled all-terrain vehicles.