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Senate Law & Justice Committee

Executive Session: SB 5781 – Concerning organized retail theft; SB 5942 – Enacting the uniform college athlete name, image, or likeness act; SB 5883 – Concerning an unaccompanied homeless youth’s ability to provide informed consent for that minor patient’s own health care, including nonemergency, outpatient, and primary care services, including physical examinations, vision examinations and eyeglasses, dental examinations, hearing examinations and hearing aids, immunizations, treatments for illnesses and conditions, and routine follow-up care customarily provided by a health care provider in an outpatient setting, excluding elective surgeries; SB 5839 – Creating the crime of interfering with a firefighter or emergency medical services provider. SB 5877 – Addressing antidiscrimination policies in institutions of higher education; SB 5920 – Concerning parenting plans; SB 5348 – Concerning assisted reproduction; SB 5931 – Concerning appointment of judges pro tempore in the court of appeals; SB 5919 – Concerning the standard for law enforcement authority to detain or pursue persons; SB 5947 – Concerning property exempt from execution; SB 5927 – Concerning the safety and security of retail cannabis outlets; SB 5856 – Concerning transfers of firearms to museums and historical societies; SB 5495 – Concerning catalytic converters; SGA 9130 – Stanley Rumbaugh, Member, Sentencing Guidelines Commission; SGA 9369 – Timothy G Wettack, Member, Sentencing Guidelines Commission; SGA 9099 – Guadalupe Gamboa, Member, Human Rights Commission.