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Senate Law & Justice Committee

Public Hearing: SB 5629 – Concerning control of the disposition of remains;SB 5691 – Increasing transparency and accountability regarding prosecutorial filing policies and practices.

Executive Session: SB 5573 – Concerning drug offender sentencing alternatives for offenders convicted of driving or control of a vehicle while under the influence; SB 5575 – Adding additional superior court judges in Snohomish county; SB 5548 – Concerning the uniform unregulated child custody transfer act; SB 5628 – Concerning cyber harassment, addressing concerns in the case of Rynearson v. Ferguson, and adding a crime of cyberstalking; SB 5612 – Ensuring domestic violence victims and survivors of victims have the opportunity to make a statement during sentencing for all domestic violence convictions; SB 5572 – Implementing the recommendations of the Washington state internet crimes against children task force; SB 5509 – Exempting fentanyl testing equipment from the definition of drug paraphernalia; SB 5776 – Creating the criminal justice integrated data system and a violence and death investigation resource center; SB 5561 – Concerning the restoration of the right to possess a firearm.