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Senate Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs Committee

Public Hearing: SB 5784 – Adding psychologists for mental health only claims to the list of those who can act as an attending provider; SB 5801 – Concerning attorney and witness fees in industrial insurance court appeals; SB 5627 – Concerning injured workers’ rights during independent medical examinations; SB 5890 – Clarifying eligibility for the presumption for workers’ compensation for all personnel working at a radiological hazardous waste facility.

Executive Session: SB 5796 – Restructuring cannabis revenue appropriations; SB 5699 – Concerning quality standards for laboratories conducting cannabis analysis; SB 5706 – Creating the community reinvestment account and community reinvestment program; SB 5517 – Concerning employment of individuals who lawfully consume cannabis; SB 5649 – Modifying the Washington state paid family and medical leave act.