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Senate Environment, Energy & Technology Committee

Executive Session: SB 5842 – Concerning state laws that address climate change; SB 5910 – Accelerating the availability and use of renewable hydrogen in Washington state; SB 5722 – Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in buildings; SB 5834 – Implementing enterprise-wide technology policies in state government to ensure consistency, security, and responsible use of data; SB 5744 – Concerning tax deferrals for investment projects in clean technology manufacturing, clean alternative fuels production, and renewable energy storage; SB 5803 – Establishing a presumption of liability for wildfires caused by an electric utility’s equipment; SB 5715 – Modifying the definition of broadband or broadband service; SB 5895 – Concerning timing restrictions for remedial action grants to local government; SB 5697 – Renewing Washington’s recycling system and reducing waste; SB 5703 – Concerning the use and disclosure of toxic chemicals in cosmetic products.