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House Transportation Committee

Public Hearing: HB 1731 – Enhancing requirements for autonomous vehicle testing; HB 2089 – Modifying the bond authorization for the Interstate 405 and state route number 167 corridor and the Puget Sound Gateway facility; HB 2100 – Concerning the autonomous vehicle self-certification testing pilot program.

Possible Executive Session: HB 1595 – Installing signs on or near bridges to provide information to deter jumping; HB 1624 – Modifying the motorcycle safety education advisory board; HB 1655 – Encouraging the opening of safety rest areas to the public; HB 1706 – Concerning truck drivers ability to access restroom facilities; HB 1709 – Addressing safety measures for tow truck operators and vehicles; HB 1790 – Addressing the creation, display, and material durability of temporary license plates; HB 1934 – Allowing tribal governments to participate in exchange agreements without certain restrictions; HB 2024 – Concerning a sales and use tax deferral for projects to improve the state route number 520 corridor; HB 2033 – Concerning safety measures for fire department vehicles and other vehicles using lights or other signals in emergency or work zones; HB 2057 – Strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion in the state patrol workforce.