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House State Government & Tribal Relations Committee

Executive Session: E2SSB 5597 – Concerning the Washington voting rights act; SB 5560 – Concerning procedures for approval and submission of the redistricting plan; ESB 5264 – Declaring January as Chinese American history month and encouraging public schools to commemorate the month; ESB 5512 – Designating a state nickname; SB 5615 – Designating pickleball as the official state sport; SB 5750 – Designating the Washington state leadership board a trustee of the state of Washington; Public Hearing: SB 5583 – Requiring the adjustment of census data for local redistricting to reflect the last known place of residence for incarcerated persons; SB 5817 – Restricting the use of synthetic media in campaigns for elective office; SB 5534 – Concerning the use of verifiable credentials; SB 5855 – Concerning the use of campaign funds to reimburse expenses for child care and other caregiving services; 2SSB 5342 – Concerning irrigation district elections; SSB 5961 – Incentivizing the use of biochar; SB 5909 – Concerning legislative oversight of gubernatorial powers concerning emergency proclamations and unanticipated receipts; SB 5972 – Concerning extending the expiration date of a statute dealing with wildlife conflict resolution.