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House Education Committee

Executive Session: HB 1759 – Requiring school districts and other public education entities to make information from the department of health about substance use trends, overdose symptoms and response, and the secure storage of prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and firearms and ammunition, available through their websites and other communication resources; HB 1803 – Updating school district director compensation through the revision and preservation of a uniform compensation structure and an examination of future needs; HB 1833 – Establishing an electronic option for the submission of household income information required for participation in school meals and programs; HB 1834 – Concerning student excused absences for mental health reasons; HB 1878 – Increasing public school participation in the community eligibility provision of the United States department of agriculture.

Public Hearing: HB 1900 – Improving school districts’ responses to complaints of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying; HB 1941 – Prohibiting active shooter scenarios for school safety-related drills; HB 1955 – Creating uniformity in education requirements for students who are the subject of a dependency proceeding; HB 1974 – Moving state board of education and educational service district elections to the Washington state school directors’ association.