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House Appropriations Committee

Public Hearing: SB 5539 – Concerning state funding for educational service districts; 2SSB 5616 – Concerning accounts; SB 5634 – Updating the utilities and transportation commission’s regulatory fees; SB 5676 – Providing a benefit increase to certain retirees of the public employees’ retirement system plan 1 and the teachers’ retirement system plan 1; SSB 5728 – Concerning the state’s portion of civil asset forfeiture collections; 2SSB 5736 – Concerning partial hospitalizations and intensive outpatient treatment services for minors; SB 5748 – Concerning disability benefits in the public safety employees’ retirement system; SSB 5791 – Concerning law enforcement officers’ and firefighters’ retirement system benefits; E2SSB 5796 – Restructuring cannabis revenue appropriations; SSB 5814 – Providing funding for medical evaluations of suspected victims of child abuse.