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Governor Jay Inslee Bill Signing

Governor Jay Inslee holds a bill-signing ceremony at the State Capitol.

ESHB 1033 – Relating to evaluating compostable product usage in Washington.

HB 1049 – Relating to updating timelines for adopting county commissioner district boundaries following expansion from three to five commissioners.

EHB 1086 – Relating to increasing local governments’ ability to contract with community service organizations.

ESHB 1106 – Relating to qualifications for unemployment insurance when an individual voluntarily leaves work.

HB 1114 – Relating to the membership of the sentencing guidelines commission.

SHB 1207 – Relating to preventing and responding to harassment, intimidation, bullying, and discrimination in schools by requiring distribution of related policies and complaint procedures, designation of a primary contact for compliance with nondiscrimination laws, and changing a prejudicial student discipline term.

SHB 1217 – Relating to improving worker recovery in wage complaints by authorizing the collection of interest and studying other options.

HB 1218 – Relating to adding a new caseload for the official caseload forecast for the number of people eligible for the working families’ tax credit under RCW 82.08.0206.

ESHB 1222 – Relating to requiring coverage for hearing instruments.

SHB 1234 – Relating to the civil forfeiture of animals seized for abuse or neglect.

HB 1243 – Relating to municipal airport commissions.

HB 1262 – Relating to establishing a lump sum reporting system.

SSHB 1322 – Relating to the Walla Walla water 2050 plan.

SHB 1326 – Relating to waiving municipal utility connection charges for certain properties.

ESHB 1369 – Relating to off-duty employment of fish and wildlife officers.

SHB 1457 – Relating to a motor carrier’s ability to access restroom facilities required by rules authorized under chapter 49.17 RCW.

SSHB 1491 – Relating to prohibiting unjustified employer searches of employee personal vehicles.

HB 1542 – Relating to requiring automated external defibrillators to be available and accessible when work is being performed on high voltage lines and equipment.

HB 1563 – Relating to arrest protections for the medical use of cannabis.

SHB 1621 – Relating to standardizing local government procurement rules among special purpose districts, first-class and second-class cities, and public utility districts.

HB 1684 – Relating to clarifying procedures for federally recognized tribes to report standard occupational classifications or job titles of workers under the employment security act.

ESHB 1731 – Relating to complimentary liquor by short-term rental operators.

HB 1742 – Relating to nontax statutes administered by the department of revenue by modifying provisions of the unclaimed property and business licensing service programs concerning penalty waivers, the department of revenue’s express settlement authority, and making technical corrections.

HB 1771 – Relating to relocation assistance for tenants of closed or converted manufactured/mobile home parks.

HB 1775 – Relating to limiting liability for salmon recovery projects performed by regional fisheries enhancement groups.

SSSB 5046 – Relating to postconviction access to counsel.

SB 5058 – Relating to exempting buildings with 12 or fewer units that are no more than two stories from the definition of multiunit residential building.

SB 5069 – Relating to interstate cannabis agreements.

SSB 5072 – Relating to advancing equity in programs for highly capable students.

SSB 5077 – Relating to the uniform commercial code.

ESSB 5111 – Relating to requiring payment for accrued and unused sick leave for certain construction workers.

SSB 5114 – Relating to supporting adults with lived experience of sex trafficking.

SSB 5156 – Relating to expanding the farm internship program.

SSB 5189 – Relating to establishing behavioral health support specialists.

ESSSB 5243 – Relating to high school and beyond planning.

ESSB 5257 – Relating to ensuring elementary school students receive sufficient daily recess for mental and physical health.

SB 5282 – Relating to authorizing vehicle dealers to file a report of sale.

SB 5283 – Relating to the waiver of the fundamentals examination for professional engineer and land surveyor licensing applicants by comity.

ESSB 5301 – Relating to housing programs administered by the department of commerce.

ESB 5341 – Relating to creating a location-based branding and promotion program for Washington food and agricultural products.

SSB 5386 – Relating to reducing administrative complexity by increasing transparency of revenue flows for activities funded by document recording fees.

SB 5392 – Relating to overpayments for certain matters.

SSB 5448 – Relating to liquor licensee privileges for the delivery of alcohol.

SB 5457 – Relating to implementing growth management task force legislative recommendations regarding small cities.

SB 5531 – Relating to special use permits for milk product haulers.

ESB 5534 – Relating to workforce education investment accountability and oversight board staffing changes.

SB 5606 – Relating to deterring illegal racing.

ESSSB 5634 – Relating to problem gambling.

NOTE: Order of bills is subject to change.