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Washington State Public Works Board

Virtual Meeting Agenda: Call to order, welcome, Online meeting best practices review, Roll call Board members, Approve October 2, 2020 agenda, Approve September 11, 2020 meeting notes, Executive Committee update (Broadband applications: public records requests; Continued discussion of possible broadband statute modifications), Board 2021 meeting dates, Public Comment, break (approx 10-10:10), Public Disclosure: Board members, PWB Traditional Program action item (City of Pasco PR18-96103 time extension), PWB Broadband Program action item ( Definition of “Public Use”), break (approx 10:45-10:55), Retreat Action Items -placeholder- (Affirming guiding principles; Policy priorities for 2021 legislative session; Affirming key messages for legislative priorities for 2021 communications during session), Department of Commerce update, Program updates, adjournment.