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Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission

The State Parks & Recreation Commission convenes for a continuation of its regular (virtual) meeting from July 30 but did not finish due to technical difficulties.

Virtual Meeting Agenda: Call to order (Call of the roll, Introduction of Staff), Expedited Requested Actions — Item E1 (Lake Easton State Park – Direct Sale of Surplus Land to the Washington Department of Transportation), Item E2 (Fall 2020 Grant Requests), Item E3 (2021-23 Capital Budget), Item E4 (2021-31 Strategic Plan Adoption), Item E5 (Agency Request Legislation for the 2021 Session), Item E6 (2021-23 Operating Budget), Requested Action — E7 (Fort Worden Public Development Authority – Lease Amendment) and E8 (Proposed 2021 Regular Meeting Schedule and updated schedule for 2020 for the WA State Parks & Recreation Commission), adjourn Commission meeting.

Virtual Work Session (starting at approx 12:10): Call to order (call of the roll), Director/Staff Reports and COVID-19 Update, Commissioner Reports, adjournment of work session.