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Washington State Human Rights Commission

Agenda (3/24 meeting): Opening/wlecome, Written Response to Michael Hampton’s Petition to Repeal WAC 162-32-060, Petitions For Repeal of WAC 162-32-060 (Sue Lani W. Madsen, Roderick Smilonich/Bonnie Smilonich, State Senator Val Stevens/retired, State Senator Joyce Milliken/retired, State Rep. Gigi Talcott/retired, State Rep. Lynn Schindler/retired), public comment, meeting minutes (2/25/16), case closures, ED Report, Commissioner reporting, AAG updates, Old Business – April meeting (Olympia) will be a work session, New Business (notification of Commission meetings, policy on availability of meeting minutes), addressing future petitioners, meeting start times reconsiderations, other.