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Washington State Fish & Wildlife Commission

Virtual Meeting Agenda: Call to order, Commissioner’s Discussion, Meeting Minutes Approval, Committee Reports, Open Public Input, Director’s Report, Lands Transaction and Projects Update (staff briefing, public comment, possible action), break (10:55-11:20), Governor’s Salmon Recovery Planning (staff briefing), 2022 Supplemental Operating and Capital Budget (possible action), 2022 Agency Request Legislation (possible action), lunch break (12:30-1:15), Ferruginous Hawk Periodic Status Review (PSR) Uplist (staff briefing, public hearing), Steller Sea Lion Periodic Status Review (PSR) Maintain (staff briefing, public comment, possible action), State Drought Update (staff briefing), Commissioner Guidelines and Procedures (public comment, possible action), Miscellaneous and Meeting Debrief, adjournment.