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Washington State Fish & Wildlife Commission

Virtual Meeting Agenda: Call to order (Commissioner’s Discussion, Meeting Minutes Approval, Committee Reports), open public input, Director’s Report, Land Transactions – staff briefing/possible action, SFY 2021 Second Supplemental – staff briefing/possible action, 2021-23 Operating Budget Request/Performance Level – staff briefing, 2021-23 Capital Budget Request – staff briefing/possible action, 2021 Agency Request Legislation – staff briefing/possible action, Target Shooting – staff briefing/public hearing, lunch break (approx 1:30-2:15p), Columbia River Salmon Fishery Policy Review – staff briefing/public hearing, Mazama Pocket Gopher Recovery Plan and Periodic Status Review – staff briefing/public comment, recess at approx 4:05p until Saturday, August 1st at 8a.