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Washington State Board of Health Technical Advisory Group

Virtual Meeting Agenda: Welcome — Dr. Thomas Pendergrass, Dr. Tao Sheng Kwan-Gett; Introductions and Icebreaker — Allegra Calder; Meeting Reminders – Hannah Febach Samantha Pskowski; Criteria Review — Samantha Pskowski; Review of Criteria 5 and 6 — #5 The vaccine containing this antigen prevents disease(s) that has significant morbidity and/or mortality in at least some sub-set of the population, #6 Vaccinating against this disease reduces the risk of person-to-person transmission, with transmission in a school or child care setting or activity being given the highest priority — Dr. Eric Lofgren, Washington State University, Dr. Stephen Lim, Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation, University of Washington; Break; Continued Review of Criteria 5 and 6 — Lora Davis, Department of Health, Laura Newman, Department of Health, Chas DeBolt, Department of Health; Lunch; Group Discussion on Criteria 5 and 6 — Allegra Calder; Voting; Results and Discussion — Dr. Thomas Pendergrass, Dr. Tao Sheng Kwan-Gett; Adjourn.