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Washington State Board of Health

Virtual Meeting Agenda: Call to Order & Introductions, Approval of Agenda – Possible Action, Approval of April 13, 2022 Minutes – Possible Action, Approval of May 27, 2022 Minutes – Possible Action, Announcements and Board Business, Department of Health Update, Public Comment, Effective Date – Environmental Health and Safety Standards for Primary and Secondary Schools – Possible Action, Rulemaking Petition – Food Service – Possible Action, Selection of Board Vice Chair – Possible Action, Discussion of 2022 Meeting Schedule and Possible July Meeting Cancellation – Possible Action, lunch break (12:25-1:30p), Rules Hearing – Keeping Animals – Possible Action, State Health Report – Possible Action, Review of Board Complaint Policy – Possible Action, Rulemaking Petition – Duties of Health Care Providers or Organizations – Possible Action, Request for Emergency Rulemaking – On-Site Sewage Systems, Recognizing Board Member Contributions, Board Member Comments, Adjournment