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Senate Ways & Means Committee

Public Hearing: SSB 5188 – Concerning creation of the Washington state public financial cooperative. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5333 – Concerning void and unenforceable clauses in public works contracts related to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic emergency proclamations. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5368 – Encouraging rural economic development. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5383 – Authorizing a public utility district to provide retail telecommunications services in unserved areas under certain conditions. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5000 – Concerning hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5329 – Concerning the distribution of aircraft fuel tax revenue. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5417 – Extending certain privileges granted to liquor licensees to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5404 – Addressing the impacts of pinnipeds on populations of threatened southern resident orca prey. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5362 – Ensuring the funding of agricultural fairs. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5071 – Creating transition teams to assist specified persons under civil commitment. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5195 – Concerning opioid overdose reversal medication. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5378 – Concerning real estate brokers and managing brokers license renewal requirements. (Remote testimony.); Executive Session: SSB 5375 – Concerning the provision of technical assistance for low-income housing development in rural locations. SSB 5022 – Concerning expanded polystyrene prohibitions, optional food serviceware, and recycled content for beverage containers. SSB 5174 – Providing for the recycling of wind turbine blades. SB 5345 – Establishing a statewide industrial waste coordination program. SSB 5237 – Expanding accessible, affordable child care and early childhood development programs. SSB 5214, SSB 5331, SSB 5327, SB 5431.