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Senate Ways & Means Committee

Public Hearing: SSB 5227 – Requiring diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism training and assessments at institutions of higher education. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5228 – Addressing disproportionate health outcomes by building a foundation of equity in medical training. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5321 – Expanding access to the college bound scholarship. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5268 – Transforming services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities by increasing the capabilities of community residential settings and redesigning the long-term nature of intermediate care facilities. (Remote testimony.) SB 5258 – Concerning consumer directed employers. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5259 – Concerning law enforcement data collection. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5163 – Concerning the placement and treatment of conditionally released sexually violent predators. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5245 – Concerning the safety of crime victims. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5036 – Concerning the release of incarcerated individuals from total confinement prior to the expiration of a sentence. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5304 – Providing reentry services to persons releasing from state and local institutions. (Remote testimony.) SB 5328 – Concerning clubhouses for persons with mental illness. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5141 – Reducing environmental and health disparities and improving the health of all Washington state residents by implementing the recommendations of the environmental justice task force. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5293 – Addressing mental health sentencing alternatives. (Remote testimony.) SSB 5353 – Creating a partnership model that facilitates community engagement with law enforcement. (Remote testimony.); Executive Session: SSB 5119 – Concerning individuals in custody. SSB 5052 – Concerning the creation of health equity zones. SB 5068 – Improving maternal health outcomes by extending coverage during the postpartum period. SB 5004 – Providing a tax exemption for med