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Senate Transportation Committee

Work Session: Reconnecting communities.

Public Hearing: SB 5853 – Establishing a limited project regarding leasing certain department of transportation property in order to remedy past impacts to historically marginalized populations; SB 5741 – Creating Patches pal special license plates; SB 5778 – Addressing the current backlog of vehicle inspections; SB 5815 – Implementing an identicard program to provide individuals a Washington state-issued identicard.

Executive Session: SB 5631 – Making human trafficking a disqualifying offense for a commercial driver’s license and coming into compliance with the requirements of the federal motor carrier safety administration; SB 5673 – Installing signs on or near bridges to provide information to deter jumping; SB 5510 – Concerning renewal of the sales and use tax for transportation benefit districts; SB 5558 – Concerning the bistate governance of interstate toll bridges owned by local governments; SB 5707 – Extending additional uses for automated traffic safety cameras for traffic congestion reduction and increased safety; SGA 9310 – Michael Ross, Member, Board of Pilotage Commissioners; SGA 9356 – Sandra P Bendixen, Member, Board of Pilotage Commissioners; SGA 9398 – Jason R Hamilton, Member, Board of Pilotage Commissioners.