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Senate Transportation Committee

Public Hearing: SHB 1207 – Improving access to department of licensing issued documents by extending the issuance period of driver licenses and identicards to eight years, allowing online issuance and renewal of instruction permits, and expanding online renewal of driver licenses and identicards. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1269 – Addressing motor vehicle transporter license plates. (Remote testimony.) ESHB 1457 – Facilitating the installation of broadband facilities on limited access highways. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1510 – Establishing an exemption from certain highway use requirements by nonemergency medical transportation vehicles. (Hearing is on the Proposed Striking Amendment.) (Remote testimony.) EHB 1251 – Concerning the authorization of wheeled all-terrain vehicles on state highways. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1322 – Addressing off-road vehicle and snowmobile registration enforcement. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1301 – Providing expanded options for fare enforcement by regional transit authorities. (Remote testimony.) ESHB 1529 – Modifying requirements in order to pay for debt service obligations when toll revenues are not sufficient to cover legal obligations. (Remote testimony.) Executive Session: SB 5444 – Implementing a per mile charge on electric and hybrid vehicles. HB 1115 – Implementing cost recovery of state agency credit card and transaction fees and related costs for driver and vehicle fee transactions. HB 1030 – Concerning a community aviation revitalization loan program. SHB 1107 – Expanding certain nonresident vessel permit provisions.