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Senate Law & Justice Committee

Public Hearing: SB 5781 – Concerning organized retail theft; SB 5942 – Enacting the uniform college athlete name, image, or likeness act. 

Executive Session: SB 5629 – Concerning control of the disposition of remains; SB 5691 – Increasing transparency and accountability regarding prosecutorial filing policies and practices; SB 5869 – Concerning photographs, digital photographs, microphotographs, videotapes, other recorded images, or other records identifying a specific instance of travel from toll systems and traffic safety cameras; SB 5710 – Reducing contamination in the state toxicology laboratory; SB 5733 – Concerning civil asset forfeiture; SB 5491 – Clarifying waiver of firearm rights; SB 5667 – Concerning the possession and use of forged and falsified COVID-19 vaccination documents; SB 5772 – Concerning postconviction access to counsel; SB 5788 – Concerning guardianship of minors; SB 5663 – Establishing streamlined procedures for compliance with the State v. Blake decision in order to improve criminal justice system coordination, create efficiencies, and reduce costs; SB 5568 – Concerning preemption of municipal laws restricting the open carry of weapons; SB 5690 – Concerning firearms on the capitol campus for the sole purpose of organized memorial events; SB 5841 – Incentivizing cities and counties to increase employment of commissioned law enforcement officers.