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Senate Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs Committee

Public Hearing: ESHB 1795 – Prohibiting nondisclosure and nondisparagement provisions from employers regarding illegal acts of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage and hour violations, and sexual assault; 2SHB 1210 – Replacing the term “marijuana” with the term “cannabis” throughout the Revised Code of Washington;

 SHB 1794 – Requiring an employer to reimburse employee fees when a paycheck is dishonored by nonacceptance or nonpayment; SHB 1902 – Providing an exception to the process for reopening a workers’ compensation claim when the claimant submits a reopening application in a timely manner; 3SHB 1359 – Temporarily reducing liquor license fees; HB 1859 – Concerning quality standards for laboratories conducting cannabis analysis.

Executive Session: HB 1859 – Concerning quality standards for laboratories conducting cannabis analysis; HB 1927 – Creating leave provisions for legislative service; HB 1625 – Specifying that space force reserve members who are officers or employees of the state of Washington or of any county, city, or other political subdivision have access to a period of paid military leave of absence from employment; HB 1612 – Making technical cross-reference corrections in statutes governing unemployment insurance; HB 1613 – Concerning shared reporting responsibilities for both the paid family and medical leave and the long-term services and supports trust programs to clarify that information collected from employer reports shall remain private.