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Senate Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs Committee

Public Hearing: SB 5751 – Improving worker safety and patient care in health care facilities by addressing staffing needs, overtime, meal and rest breaks, and enforcement; SB 5783 – Reestablishing the underground economy task force; SB 5914 – Removing the requirement that an accredited technical or trade school program be not-for-profit to be an approved training program for purposes of journey level and specialty electrician certification.

Executive Session: SB 5604 – Adding references to contractor licensing laws in workers’ compensation, public works, and prevailing wage statutes; SB 5875 – Adding employees employed by the department of licensing who are assigned to review, process, approve, and issue driver licenses to the definition of frontline employees under the health emergency labor standards act; SB 5784 – Adding psychologists for mental health only claims to the list of those who can act as an attending provider.