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Senate Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs Committee

Public Hearing: SB 5699 – Concerning quality standards for laboratories conducting cannabis analysis; SB 5547 – Expanding regulatory authority over cannabinoids that may be impairing and providing for enhanced product safety and consumer information disclosure about marijuana products; SB 5767 – Regulating hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Executive Session: SB 5649 – Modifying the Washington state paid family and medical leave act; SB 5763 – Eliminating subprevailing wage certificates for individuals with disabilities; SB 5701 – Determining monthly wages for workers’ compensation; SB 5564 – Protecting the confidentiality of employees using employee assistance programs; SB 5520 – Disclosing harassment and discrimination; ESSB 5065 – Safeguarding the public safety by protecting railroad workers; SB 5600 – Concerning the sustainability and expansion of state registered apprenticeship programs.