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Senate Human Services, Reentry & Rehabilitation Committee

Public Hearing: SB 5730 – Concerning confidentiality rights of child victims and witnesses; SB 5827 – Concerning offender management network information and electronic health records systems at the department of corrections; SB 5929 – Changing the membership of the legislative-executive WorkFirst poverty reduction oversight task force.

Executive Session: SB 5609 – Eliminating fingerprinting at juvenile dispositions; SB 5694 – Recognizing Indian tribes as among the governmental entities with which the department of corrections may enter into agreements on matters to include the housing of inmates convicted in tribal court; SB 5729 – Creating a good cause exception to administrative hearing deadlines for applicants or recipients of certain public assistance benefits; SB 5745 – Increasing the personal needs allowance for persons receiving state financed care; SB 5785 – Concerning transitional food assistance.