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Senate Housing & Local Government Committee

Public Hearing: SB 5574 – Concerning new counties.

Executive Session: SB 5593 – Concerning urban growth area boundaries; SB 5712 – Concerning the transparency of local taxing districts; SB 5713 – Providing a property tax exemption for limited equity cooperative housing; SB 5749 – Concerning rent payments made by residential tenants; SB 5755 – Authorizing certain cities to establish a limited sales and use tax incentive program to encourage redevelopment of vacant lands in urban areas; SB 5868 – Expanding the use of the rural counties public facilities sales and use tax to include affordable workforce housing; SB 5662 – Concerning intergovernmental coordination to address transitioning persons encamped on state public rights-of-way to permanent housing solutions; SB 5670 – Creating additional middle housing near transit and in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing; SB 5758 – Concerning condominium conversions.