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Senate Environment, Energy & Technology Committee

Executive Session: SB 5543 – Concerning a zero-emission landscaping equipment incentive program; SB 5585 – Setting domestic wastewater discharge fees; SB 5626 – Adding a climate resilience element to water system plans; SB 5580 – Concerning broadband infrastructure loans and grants made by the public works board; SB 5634 – Updating the utilities and transportation commission’s regulatory fees; SB 5534 – Concerning the use of verifiable credentials.

Public Hearing: SB 5813 – Establishing data privacy protections to strengthen a consumer’s ability to access, manage, and protect their personal data; SB 5533 – Concerning online marketplace consumer product theft and safety protection; SB 5834 – Implementing enterprise-wide technology policies in state government to ensure consistency, security, and responsible use of data.