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Senate Business, Financial Services & Trade Committee

Public Hearing: EHB 1165 – Concerning the Washington credit union act; 2SHB 1173 – Concerning state lands development authorities; HB 1874 – Reducing barriers to professional licensure for individuals with previous arrests or criminal convictions; HB 1899 – Concerning confidentiality of certain data shared with the department of financial institutions; SHB 1957 – Establishing a small business disaster recovery financial assistance program; ESHB 2059 – Concerning real estate agency law, but only to clarify that the statutory duties of real estate brokers apply to all parties and prohibiting the delivery of buyer unfair practice letters to the seller of residential real estate; E2SHB 1015 – Creating the Washington equitable access to credit act. 

Executive Session: HB 1648 – Replacing an inactive certificate status with an inactive license designation; HB 1798 – Concerning powers of the legislative committee on economic development and international relations.