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House Health Care & Wellness Committee

Possible Executive Session: SSB 5496 – Concerning health professional monitoring programs; SB 5518 – Concerning the occupational therapy licensure compact; SB 5529 – Concerning self-directed care; 2SSB 5532 – Establishing a prescription drug affordability board; SSB 5546 – Concerning insulin affordability; SSB 5589 – Concerning statewide spending on primary care; SSB 5610 – Requiring cost sharing for prescription drugs to be counted against an enrollee’s obligation, regardless of source; E2SSB 5702 – Requiring coverage for donor human milk; SSB 5723 – Concerning improving diversity in clinical trials; SSB 5753 – Increasing board and commission capacities; SSB 5765 – Concerning the practice of midwifery; SB 5866 – Concerning medicaid long-term services and supports eligibility determinations completed by federally recognized Indian tribes; SSB 5900 – Creating a provisional certification for emergency medical services providers under chapters 18.71 and 18.73 RCW.