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House Finance Committee

Executive Session: HB 2096 – Concerning the working families’ tax exemption, also known as the working families tax credit; HB 2099 – Improving tax administration by waiving penalties and imposing interest in certain situations involving delayed tax payments, and by extending a statute of limitations period for certain egregious tax crimes; HB 1921 – Concerning the valuation of property related to renewable energy for the purposes of property tax and providing for a payment in lieu of taxes for renewable energy facilities.

Public Hearing: HB 1175 – Providing a property tax exemption for real property used as a host home associated with a host home program; HB 1965 – Providing additional support and services for veterans’ assistance and for persons with developmental disabilities or mental health needs; HB 1657 – Reducing the emissions and safety risks of inadequate commercial truck parking supply through tax incentives; Public Hearing: HB 2061 – Adding permanently affordable housing to the definition of public improvements. (Remote testimony.); HB 1811 – Concerning fire benefit charges imposed by cities and towns. (Remote testimony.); SHB 1880 – Concerning housing benefit districts. (Remote testimony.)