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House Finance Committee

Public Hearing: HB 1888 – Allowing the department of revenue to adjust the rates of remittance reductions in the working families’ tax credit in order to align with federal maximum qualifying income levels; HB 1982 – Clarifying the applicability of penalty and interest on personal property taxes; HB 1924 – Changing the expiration date for the sales and use tax exemption of hog fuel to comply with the 2045 deadline for fossil fuel-free electrical generation in Washington state and to protect jobs with health care and retirement benefits in economically distressed communities.

Executive Session: HB 1641 – Restoring the business and occupation and public utility tax exemption for custom farming and hauling farm products; HB 1765 – Ensuring the ongoing sustainability and vitality of the Washington health benefit exchange by eliminating the expiration date of its business and occupation tax exemption.