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House Capital Budget Committee

Public Hearing: HB 1030 – Concerning a community aviation revitalization loan program. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1263 – Concerning rural infrastructure. (Remote testimony.) HB 1280 – Concerning greenhouse gas emissions reductions in the design of public facilities. (Remote testimony.) HB 1430 – Concerning the duration of state upland leases for lands managed by the department of natural resources. (Remote testimony.) SB 5032 – Concerning the reauthorization and improvements to alternative public works contracting procedures. (Remote testimony.) Executive Session: HB 1023 – Concerning predesign requirements and thresholds. HB 1103 – Improving environmental and social outcomes with the production of building materials. SHB 1173 – Concerning state lands development authorities. HB 1370 – Concerning grants for early learning facilities. HB 1391 – Concerning prime contractor bidding submission requirements on public works contracts. Work Session: Washington’s Infrastructure System Improvement Team.