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House Appropriations Committee

Public Hearing: HB 1181 – Establishing programs and measures to prevent suicide among veterans and military members; HB 1799 – Concerning organic materials management; HB 1812 – Modernizing the energy facility site evaluation council to meet the state’s clean energy goals; HB 2044 – Concerning the protection of critical constituent and state operational data against the financial and personal harm caused by ransomware and other malicious cyber activities; HB 2048 – Concerning temporary assistance for needy families time limit extensions.

Possible Executive Session: 2SHB 1359 – Reducing liquor license fees temporarily; HB 1590 – Concerning enrollment stabilization funding to address enrollment declines due to the COVID-19 pandemic; HB 1668 – Expanding regulatory authority over cannabinoids that may be impairing and providing for enhanced product safety and consumer information disclosure about marijuana products; HB 1684 – Concerning public health and fluoridation of drinking water; HB 1773 – Concerning assisted outpatient treatment for persons with behavioral health disorders; HB 1782; HB 1803; HB 1806; HB 1827; HB 1860; HB 1865; HB 1866; HB 1868; HB 1896; HB 1967; HB 1992; HB 2022; HB 2038; HB 2075; HB 2078; HB 1181; HB 1799; SHB 2044; HB 2048.