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House Appropriations Committee

Public Hearing: HB 1621 – Creating programs to encourage sexual assault nurse examiner training; HB 1664 – Concerning prototypical school formulas for physical, social, and emotional support in schools; HB 1746 – Updating the 2015 report and recommendations for supporting student success through measuring and mitigating community risk and protective predictors since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic; HB 1751 – Concerning hazing prevention and reduction at institutions of higher education; HB 1756 – Concerning solitary confinement; HB 1800 – Increasing access to behavioral health services for minors; HB 1890 – Concerning the children and youth behavioral health work group; Executive Session: SHB 1100 – Concerning the sale or lease of manufactured/mobile home communities and the property on which they sit; ESHB 1241 – Planning under the growth management act; 3SHB 1412 – Concerning legal financial obligations; HB 1717 – Concerning tribal participation in planning under the growth management act; HB 1723 – Closing the digital equity divide by increasing the accessibility and affordability of telecommunications services, devices, and training; HB 1728 – Reauthorizing and amending dates for the total cost of insulin work group; HB 1757 – Concerning educational service district participation in health benefit plans offered by the public employees’ benefits board; HB 1810 – Promoting the fair servicing and repair of digital electronic products in a safe, secure, reliable, and sustainable manner to increase access to appropriate and affordable digital products, support small businesses and jobs, and enhance digital connectivity in Washington state; HB 1931 – Sustaining hydropower license fees; HB 2051 – Providing short-term disaster recovery financial assistance to agricultural producers.