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House Appropriations Committee

Public Hearing: SHB 1277 – Providing for an additional revenue source for eviction prevention and housing stability services. (Remote testimony.) SHB 1282 – Concerning allowed earned time for certain offenses. (Remote testimony.) HB 1532 – Concerning court filing fees. (Remote testimony.)

Possible Executive Session: SB 5021 – Concerning the effect of expenditure reduction efforts on retirement benefits for public employees, including those participating in the shared work program. SB 5058 – Making technical changes to certain natural resources-related accounts. SSB 5080 – Providing flexibility in the distribution and use of local funds dedicated to facilities used for youth educational programming. SB 5296 – Modifying the definition of index for the Washington state patrol retirement system. SB 5322 – Prohibiting dual enrollment between school employees’ benefits board and public employees’ benefits board programs. SB 5367 – Directing the department of retirement systems to create rules regarding automatic refunds of retirement contributions in the retirement systems listed in RCW 41.50.030.