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Governor Jay Inslee Bill Signing

Governor Jay Inslee holds a bill-signing ceremony at the State Capitol to sign the following bills:

ESHB 1042 – Relating to the creation of additional housing units in existing buildings.

SHB 1138 – Relating to drought preparedness.

SSHB 1168 – Relating to providing prevention services, diagnoses, treatment, and support for

prenatal substance exposure.

ESHB 1260 – Relating to accelerating stability for people with a work-limiting disability or


SHB 1271 – Relating to organ transport vehicles.

SSHB 1390 – Relating to district energy systems.

ESSHB 1515 – Relating to contracting and procurement requirements for behavioral health services in medical assistance programs.

SHB 1521 – Relating to industrial insurance self-insured employer and third-party administrator penalties and duties.

SSHB 1525 – Relating to eligibility for working connections child care benefits for persons

participating in state registered apprenticeships.

SHB 1562 – Relating to reducing the risks of lethality and other harm associated with gun violence, gender-based violence, and other types of violence by clarifying and updating laws

relating to the unlawful possession of firearms and restoration of firearm rights.

HB 1564 – Relating to prohibiting the sale of over-the-counter sexual assault kits.

ESHB 1576 – Relating to the dentist and dental hygienist compact.

HB 1599 – Relating to court files and records exemptions for firearm background checks.

HB 1626 – Relating to coverage for colorectal screening tests under medical assistance programs.

HB 1679 – Relating to modifying and extending requirements of a work group convened to

address the needs of students in foster care, experiencing homelessness, or both, by

adding reporting and other requirements related to students in or exiting institutional

education facilities.

HB 1695 – Relating to defining affordable housing for purposes of using surplus public property

for public benefit.

SHB 1700 – Relating to establishing a memorial on the capitol campus to commemorate eastern Washington.

SHB 1701 – Relating to assigning the superintendent of public instruction the responsibility for the delivery and oversight of basic education services to justice-involved youth served

through institutional education programs in facilities that are not under the jurisdiction

of the department of social and health services.

SHB 1753 – Relating to changing certain notice provisions in the derelict vessel removal program.

ESHB 1758 – Relating to permitting for certain hatchery maintenance activities.

SSHB 1762 – Relating to protecting employees of warehouses.

SHB 1764 – Relating to establishing a method of valuing asphalt and aggregate used in public road construction for purposes of taxation.

ESHB 1766 – Relating to the creation of a hope card program.

HB 1777 – Relating to authorizing the use of performance-based contracting for energy services

and equipment.

SHB 1779 – Relating to reducing toxic air pollution that threatens human health.

SHB 1783 – Relating to supporting economic development in distressed areas through hiring of grant writers.

SHB 1804 – Relating to eligibility for participation in the public employees’ benefits board for retired or disabled employees of counties, municipalities, and other political subdivisions.

EHB 1812 – Relating to continuing the business and occupation tax deduction for federal funds received from a medicaid transformation or demonstration project or medicaid quality improvement program or standard. 

SSB 5006 – Relating to clarifying waiver of firearm rights.

SSSB 5048 – Relating to eliminating college in the high school fees.

SSSB 5103 – Relating to payment to acute care hospitals for difficult to discharge medicaid patients who do not need acute care but who are waiting in the hospital to be appropriately and timely discharged to postacute and community settings.

SSSB 5128 – Relating to jury diversity.

SB 5166 – Relating to reauthorizing the business and occupation tax deduction for cooperative finance organizations.

SSB 5191 – Relating to reforming the real estate agency law to require written brokerage services agreements, improve consumer disclosures, and provide that certain legal duties of brokers apply to all parties in the transaction. 

ESSSB 5199 – Relating to tax relief for newspaper publishers.

SSB 5218 – Relating to providing a sales and use tax exemption for mobility enhancing equipment for use by or for a complex needs patient.

ESSB 5231 – Relating to the issuance of emergency domestic violence no-contact orders. 

SSB 5256 – Relating to making permanent and expanding the child welfare housing assistance program. 

SSSB 5269 – Relating to transforming and growing Washington state manufacturing.

ESSSB 5278 – Relating to implementing audit recommendations to reduce barriers to home care aide certification.

SB 5287 – Relating to a study on the recycling of wind turbine blades. 

SSB 5300 – Relating to continuity of coverage for prescription drugs prescribed for the treatment of behavioral health conditions.

SSB 5317 – Relating to the removal of vehicles by a regional transit authority when obstructing the operation of high capacity transportation vehicles or jeopardizing public safety. 

SB 5323 – Relating to the department of veterans affairs regarding exempt staff and exempt staff appointments, removing reference to one-time use of funds, and exempting veteran discharge papers from public disclosure.

ESB 5355 – Relating to mandating instruction on sex trafficking prevention and identification for students in grades seven through 12. 

SSSB 5425 – Relating to fire protection sprinkler system contractors.

NOTE: Order of bills is subject to change.