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Governor Jay Inslee Bill Signing

Governor Jay Inslee holds a bill signing ceremony at the State Capitol. 

House bills: 

1002 – Relating to increasing the penalty for hazing.

1028 – Relating to supporting crime victims and witnesses by promoting victim-centered trauma-informed responses in the legal system.

1039 – Relating to physical therapists performing intramuscular needling.

1055 – Relating to public safety employees’ retirement plan membership for public safety telecommunicators.

1117 – Relating to addressing the extent to which Washington residents are at risk of rolling blackouts and power supply inadequacy events.

1128 – Relating to raising the residential personal needs allowance.

1187 – Relating to privileged communication between employees and the unions that represent them.

1199 – Relating to licensed child care in common interest communities.

1200 – Relating to requiring public employers to provide employee information to exclusive bargaining representatives.

1312 – Relating to allowing persons who are 70 years of age or older to opt out of juror service.

1349 – Relating to foreclosure protections.

1407 – Relating to maintaining eligibility for developmental disability services.

1424 – Relating to consumer protection with respect to the sale and adoption of dogs and cats.

1435 – Relating to the development of a home care safety net assessment.

1452 – Relating to establishing a state medical reserve corps.

1466 – Relating to currently credentialed dental auxiliaries.

1512 – Relating to providing tools and resources for the location and recovery of missing persons.

1534 – Relating to strengthening protections for consumers in the construction industry.

1636 – Relating to foreclosure protections for homeowners in common interest communities.

1663 – Relating to allowing port districts that have been functionally consolidated to adopt a unified levy.

1683 – Relating to health carriers offering dental only coverage.

1772 – Relating to prohibiting the manufacture, importation, and sale of products that combine alcohol and tetrahydrocannabinol.

Senate bills: 

5001 – Relating to public facilities districts created by at least two city or county legislative authorities.

5065 – Relating to public school instruction in awareness of bone marrow donation.

5080 – Relating to expanding and improving the social equity in cannabis program.

5124 – Relating to supporting guardianships and voluntary placement with nonrelative kin.

5225 – Relating to increasing access to the working connections child care program

5252 – Relating to modifications necessary to comply with federal regulations regarding dissemination of federal bureau of investigation criminal history record information.

5358 – Relating to expanding veterans’ services and programs.

5374 – Relating to the adoption of county critical area ordinances by cities.

5381 – Relating to letters of recommendation or congratulations sent by legislators.

5433 – Relating to derelict aquatic structures.

(Order of bills is subject to change).