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Governor Jay Inslee Bill Signing

Governor Jay Inslee holds a bill signing ceremony in Seattle to sign bills aimed at protecting reproductive health and gender-affirming care in Washington, including:

HB 1155: The “My Health, My Data Act” regarding consumer protections around collecting, sharing and selling consumer health data, including data collected by apps, websites and organizations.

HB 1469: Shields abortion and gender-affirming care patients and providers from prosecution by out-of-state authorities and prevents cooperation with investigations.

HB 1340: Protects healthcare providers in Washington from disciplinary action for providing legal abortion and gender-affirming care in Washington.

SB 5242: Eliminates cost-sharing for abortions.

SB 5768: Protects abortion pill access by authorizing the Department of Corrections to distribute a supply of 30,000 doses of mifepristone.