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“The Impact” – May 16, 2018: Destructive Invaders; Nuclear Nightmare for Food Supply

Mike McClanahan profile by Mike McClanahan

This week on “The Impact”:

The state is waging a constant battle to keep invasive species at bay. We look at two of the big threats facing Washington State and hear from the head of the group that’s leading the fight to stop feral swine.

“They are known to damage crops really overnight,” said Justin Bush, Executive Coordinator of the Washington Invasive Species Council.

We’ll also highlight the huge problems that would come with tiny zebra mussels getting a foothold in the state.

“They’ve actually clogged intakes for hydroelectric species and caused them to overheat,” said Bush.

Later you’ll hear how state agencies are preparing to protect the food supply during a worst case nuclear disaster.

“A huge issue is ingestion of a crop that may be contaminated,” said Sonia Soelter, Emergency Management Coordinator, Washington State Department of Agriculture. “The impact would be massive.”

Other topics:

  • Historic flooding in Eastern Washington
  • Seattle’s controversial new employee head tax
  • and the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that paves the way for state legal sports betting.


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