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“The Impact” – Oct. 11th, 2017: Interview with WA Sec. State Kim Wyman; Strange Washington Campaign

Mike McClanahan profile by Mike McClanahan

This week on “The Impact”:

In advance of the November 7th Special Election we sit down with Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman to talk about a range of topics from her battle with cancer to election security & voter fraud.

 “I’m very pleased to tell your viewers that Washington wasn’t hacked.  We did detect what we thought might be attempts to get into our voter registration system, but at no time did they get through our firewalls and we had that confirmed by homeland security,” Kim Wyman, Washington Secretary of State.

Also in this episode, in honor of Halloween we highlight the Washington State Archives campaign to highlight the stranger side of state history.

Our on-set guest is an authority on dark aspects of the Evergreen State’s past including spooky legends about abandoned cemeteries and prolific serial killers.

“The story goes that if you lift it up there’s a passageway in 13 steps  into the netherworld,”  Al Eufrasio, co-author of “Weird Washington.”

You’ll also hear about the fierce debate over pesticide in the battle between oyster growers and burrowing shrimp.

Click here to watch “The Impact” – Oct. 11th, 2017