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“The Impact” – October 26, 2016

Mike McClanahan profile by Mike McClanahan

Click here to watch “The Impact” 10/26/2016.On “The Impact” – October 26, 2016:
Election related cyber-security is a hot topic this fall. The Washington Secretary of State’s Office reports that a scan revealed evidence that Russian hackers tried, but failed to break into the state election system.
Election Security Measures Scan revealed
In response to the potential threat election managers in Washington are taking the unprecedented step of partnering with the Department of Homeland Security to shore up cyber defenses.
We talk with Assistant Professor of Cyber Security Marc Dupuis with the Division of Computing and Software Systems at the University of Washington Bothell to talk about the threats facing Washington and the efforts to address them.
“I don’t mean that to be an alarmist, but some cyber criminals are able to kind of cover their tracks,” said Marc Dupuis, Asst. Prof. of Cybersecurity, UW Bothell. “So once they attack a system, they kind of remove the evidence that they were in there in the first place.”

Later we discuss campaign spending trends in a heated election year with the Executive Director of the Public Disclosure Commission.
Legislative Spending update
“Right now candidates have spent $18 million dollars in legislative races that is, that is definitely going to increase,” said Evelyn Lopez, Exec. Director, Public Disclosure Commission.

We highlight the first comprehensive report on the frequency of student isolation and restraint in public schools.
Cases of Student Restraint and Isolation
We also explain why the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is halting the plan to eliminate the Profanity Peak Wolf Pack.
Profanity Peak Wolf Pack Update