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Bipartisan resolution to impeach State Auditor Troy Kelley filed in House

by caprecord

A bipartisan group of House representatives announced Monday they have filed a resolution to begin impeachment proceedings against State Auditor Troy Kelley for charges that include abandoning his office, delegating duties to an unelected staff member and betraying public trust.

State Auditor Troy Kelley
State Auditor Troy Kelley

Kelley has been on an undefined leave of absence since May while facing federal charges of tax evasion, stealing money and lying under oath. He has delegated authority to Jan Jutte, the office’s director of operations.

Republican representatives Drew MacEwen and Drew Stokesbary, along with Democratic representatives Sam Hunt and Chris Reykdal, are sponsoring the resolution to impeach Kelley for malfeasance of office.

“Kelley has left us no other choice but to move forward with impeachment in order to restore accountability to the State Auditor’s Office,” MacEwen said in the press release.

Hunt said the issue “isn’t about guilt or innocence,” but about fulfilling the requirements of the job. “Auditor Kelley has demonstrated he cannot do his job while his personal legal issues continue,” Hunt said.

It would take 50 votes for the House to impeach. The Senate would then hold a trial, which requires two-thirds of the chamber’s members to vote for a conviction and remove Kelley from office.