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On ‘The Impact:’ State auctions off unclaimed treasures, carbon emissions update

An unauthenticated Pablo Picasso sketchbook is up for auction

This week on “The Impact:” Look inside dozens of unclaimed safe deposit boxes that will be auctioned off by the state Dept. of Revenue.

A possible Pablo Picasso sketchbook, jewelry, coins, stamps and other collectibles are among thousands of items that have been turned over to the state after the owners of the safe deposit boxes defaulted on their payments. If the owners haven’t been found within five years, state law allows the Dept. of Revenue to auction off the contents.

James G. Murphy, Inc. will hold the auction on Nov. 19 and 20 in Kenmore. The Dept. of Revenue holds the cash proceeds — minus fees — in the safe deposit box owner’s name in case the owner comes forward later to claim the money.

The department is currently holding more than $1 billion in unclaimed funds. To check for a claim, go to

Also on the show, an update on the report released this week by the Carbon Emissions Reductions Task Force. Interviews include Republican Sen. Doug Ericksen and task force member Perry England.

Update: Watch the show below: