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Washington Statewide Reentry Council

The Washington Statewide Reentry Council convenes for a hybrid meeting.


  • Welcome and Council Member Introductions 
  • Council Business (relevant to 43.380 RCW) [ACTION]
  • Approval of prior meeting minutes
  • Executive Director Updates
  • Spokane Tribe of Indians/Mental Health Services
  • Restorative Justice Conversations 
  • Peer to Peer Mentoring 
  • Introducing Spokane area Reentry Resources
  • Revive Center for Returning Citizens 
  • Progress House
  • Reentry Resources/Jail Based Voting
  • Recruiting Those with Lived Experience for a New Lived Experience Advisory Committee
  • Spokane County Jail, Medical and Mental Health Services
  • Lifting Up the Voices from the Currently Incarcerated
  • Public Comment 
  • Closing [ACTION]