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Washington State Public Works Board

The Washington State Public Works Board convenes for a virtual meeting.

Agenda: Call to order, Welcome: Benton County Commission Chair, Shon Small, Roll call, Approve July 8, 2022 agenda, Approve June 3, 2022 meeting notes, Broadband contract termination, Port of Skagit, Authorizing Executive and Communications committees to work with the PWB lobbyist on messaging and materials for the 2023 legislative session, Approve extension request, Rock Island: PR18-96103-061, Approve extension request, Harrington: PR20-96103-011, Public Comment, Public Disclosure: Board members, Broadband Program, Strategic Discussions (Debrief conversations with legislators, Decision package discussion, Messaging for 2023 discussion), PWB 2023 calendar, Washington State Broadband Office, Circular Economy and Industrial Symbiosis, Informational Items/Updates (Department of Commerce, Innovative Infrastructure Study Update, Executive Director update, Program Director update), Community Project Presentations (City of Moxee, 2020 Emergency Well Replacement PE20-96103-102, Benton-Franklin Council of Governments), For the good of the order, Adjournment.