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Washington State Public Works Board

Virtual Monthly Meeting (Agenda): Call to order, roll call, Consent Agenda (Approve June 3, 2022 agenda, Approve May 6, 2022 meeting notes, Creating intra-committee “Dig Once” work group), Business Items (Public Comment, Public Disclosure/Board Members, Traditional Program), Information Items & Updates (Sync update, Innovative Infrastructure Project Update), Appreciation & Dialogue (Thanking infrastructure champions, Dialogue with invited elected officials, Dialogue with counties, cities, public utility districts and special purpose districts), Information Items & Updates (Final report and tools, Department of Commerce update, July 7 tour and July 8 meeting in Kennewick), Business Item (Discussion, PWB 2023 budget and policy priorities with public comment, Authorizing staff to develop budget and policy prioritieS), For the Good of the Order – Closing Comments, Adjournment.