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Senate Ways & Means Committee

Public Hearing: SSB 5597 – Concerning the Washington voting rights act; SSB 5636 – Concerning secure automatic voter registration; SSB 5574 – Concerning the consolidation of counties; SB 5964 – Concerning consolidated local permit review processes; SSB 5619 – Conserving and restoring kelp forests and eelgrass meadows in Washington state; SSB 5803 – Mitigating the risk of wildfires caused by an electric utility’s equipment (proposed sub); SSB 5910 – Accelerating the availability and use of renewable hydrogen in Washington state; SB 5699 – Concerning quality standards for laboratories conducting cannabis analysis; SSB 5814 – Providing funding for medical evaluations of suspected victims of child abuse; SSB 5912 – Improving health outcomes for children on medicaid by ensuring early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment; SSB 5702 – Requiring coverage for donor human milk; SSB 5532 – Establishing a prescription drug affordability board (proposed sub); SB 5794 – Concerning continuity of coverage for prescription drugs prescribed for the treatment of behavioral health conditions (proposed sub); SSB 5894 – Integrating means for payment of community health workers into primary care; SSB 5796 – Restructuring cannabis revenue appropriations; SSB 5911 – Providing hazard pay retention bonuses to certain health care employees; SSB 5655 – Concerning individuals who experience refusals of service for involuntary behavioral health treatment (proposed sub); SB 5713 – Providing a property tax exemption for limited equity cooperative housing; SB 5832 – Expanding the multifamily tax exemption program to include converting existing multifamily units; SSB 5867 – Concerning compassionate and effective strategies to address the homelessness crisis; SSB 5662 – Concerning intergovernmental coordination to address transitioning persons encamped on state public rights-of-way to permanent housing solutions; SSB 5885; SSB 5643; SSB 5961; SSB 5495, SB 5703 (proposed sub), 5782.