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Senate Housing & Local Government Committee

Public Hearing: SB 5556 – Providing financial relief to hotels, motels, and other lodging facilities impacted by the eviction moratorium; SB 5662 – Concerning intergovernmental coordination to address transitioning persons encamped on state public rights-of-way to permanent housing solutions; SB 5712 – Concerning the transparency of local taxing districts;  Executive Session: SGA 9091 – Ken A Larsen, Member, Housing Finance Commission; SGA 9092 – Wendy L Lawrence, Member, Housing Finance Commission; SGA 9170 – William N Rumpf, Chair, Housing Finance Commission; SSB 5342 – Concerning irrigation district elections; SB 5514 – Increasing the frequency of county legislative meetings at alternate locations; SB 5565 – Allowing fire districts and regional fire authorities to carry out certain treasurer functions. SB 5566 – Expanding eligibility for the independent youth housing program; Work Session: Overview of reports on the state’s housing affordability crisis and the racial wealth gap in housing. (Office of the Lieutenant Governor).